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You are welcome to suggest new programs you would like to see in our list of supported programs or comment other Recover Keys features. Please don't hesitate to write us about your wishes or impressions. You help us make it better for you!. Recover Keys supports 10, software packages last updated , including:. All rights reserved. All mentioned trademarks on this page, are registered to their respective authors. Change language.

Astro Gold Astrology App for iOS and Android Devices

Which software activation codes can Recover Keys ActiveXperts Serial Port Comp. Agatha Christie: Peril at End Ashtons Family Resort!!! AZZ Cardfile.

A Seek and Find Adv Blobs Organism Dr. Daisy Pet Vet Dr. ZET9 is a very good program and very helpful for learning many many things. Although i have the free version, i find it the best of all the free programs. Check out this app. There is free daily horoscope, and u can contact professional astrologer. I will try it later and share my experience Originally Posted by sandstone. You need to buy add-on modules to get the better material, but total cost - as long as you don't buy everything they offer - is still well below Solar Fire and similar high-end programs.

A note about Morinus: if you're using the traditional essential and accidental dignities to determine planetary condition, Morinus is indispensable. I use it all the time for finding the chart almuten since I'm often dissatisfied with contemporary methods for choosing the ruling planet. You can play around with the settings for different traditional methods Ptolemaic, Dorothean, Morin, etc.

Originally Posted by Fulcrum. Just wondering, but is there a real astrology program for the iPad? I am not looking for the typical daily horoscope kind of programs, but one that calculates my radix and shows the cart. But its true - its really really nice astrology website. I highly recommend janus It great software it gives your chart wheel and aspect grid and display declination aspect and minor aspect it also has the option of midpoint.

Find all posts by theV. I've owned some version of Astroldeluxe from John Halloran since about Its run on every computer I had. While I also have a copy of Solar Fire Gold 7. I also use the Astrodyne component of AD.

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And John will help you with any problem you might have. Had anyone had much use of astrology apps for iPad, tablets, kindle, or iPod? Ryan Kurczak. KALA is a great program.

Daily Horoscope: Astrology App

It is mainly Vedic Astrology, however it's got some great interfaces that allow you use the tropical zodiac and even the round wheel chart western astrologers are used to. Here is a link to Kala.

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Kala is quickly becoming the premier Jyotish software due to its greatest accuracy, ease of use, and unique features. Kala has extensive calculations and easily customizable features. There is more info on Kala on that link too. Great vedic astrology software program. Find all posts by Ryan Kurczak.

Horoscope⋆ - Revenue & Download estimates - Apple App Store - US

With a recent update at the Google Play store, Android's 'Astrology Premium' The best astrology app out there is now completely free without limits with ads. This full version worths 2. No previous knowledge of astrological techniques is required. Astrology Software available in multiple languages.

Re: Astrology Software. I highly recommend Vega Sviri and Vega Sviri Matrix their highest end program, which allows you to sort through groups of people. For example the program will find people who's Venus falls on a person X. It's really handy. They also offer Demo Version, and it's better than anything I've tried.

I am also going to see if I can find Almagest but in English version somewhere? Their Russian version does not run on my computer. I wish we had Almagest translated or if we had their English counterpart. The reasons I like their software: 1. Symbolic Directions 2.

Natal chart software

Wider variety of aspects, including Karmic and Creative. The programs are so powerful that most astrologers will never use half of the features of the best programs. And they're so friendly that even children can run them. And the graphics and colors are totally beautiful. I have worked through the years to help the major astrology software firms debug their programs, add new features, and keep the prices down. I've also guided thousands of astrologers to the software that best meets their needs.