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Today in this article we clear about actress Ragini Khanna all contact process with verified resources. These is Actress Ragini Khanna Official contact information. We can not share her very secret personal contact info due to her security issues. Checkout, Popular Indian Actress Ragini Khanna contact address details information with verified resources.

She has one brother Amit Khanna. Ragini Khanna is Unmarried. Indian Actress Ragini Khanna is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as She is a very social addict and loves to interact with her fans. We shared verified information of Indian Actress Ragini Khanna social media profile links, which can help you to contact with her.

Do you have any question about this post? Will Arvind live after getting married with Asha? The film was acclaimed for the on-screen chemistry between Bachchan and Malini who came together after a gap of 20 years from Nastik. Critics noted that it didn't seem like they were returning together after a long time since their chemistry was so natural. Another aspect of the film, acclaimed was the way Bachchan delivers his powerful and emotional speech in the end. The Malhotras have an adopted son Alok, in love with Arpita.

Alok was an orphan and Raj provided him with money and education, bringing him up as his own son.

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Now a successful man, Alok thinks of him as his father. Raj has a flourishing job. But, once he retires, he is unable to support himself and has to vacate the house he and Pooja have shared for years, they decide to live with their kids to enjoy their affection. However, their kids do not want them; the children decide to split the parents up, each parent going to live with one of the sons for the next six months. The children think their parents will refuse the offer and therefore, they will remain in their home. However, the parents reluctantly accept the offer; the parents endure this separation as well as horrible treatment from their children, after all, they have sacrificed for them.

Their grandson, Rahul, is the only one who gives Raj affection. Saddened by the treatment he has received from his children and their families, Raj writes down his feelings about how he fulfilled his children's dreams and, in return, how they treat him, as well as his love for his wife, how much pain their separation has caused.

His writing becomes a novel. Pooja, endures abuse from her son and daughter-in-law, as well as her granddaughter, Payal. Payal, realizes her mistake when Pooja saves her from her boyfriend's sexual advances and nurtures Pooja with love. While changing their trains after six months and Raj spend some time together in Vijaynagar. There they meet Alok, who takes them to his home and gives them the importance and care which their real sons did not.

Raj finds out; this book becomes a big hit. Raj, as a result, gains Pooja in their old age, their sons ask their parents for forgiveness to achieve this end. Payal and Rahul, realize their true motives and refuse to come with their parents. Raj is honored for his work, the four sons attend with their wives.

But when they ask Pooja and Raj to forgive them, they instead refuse and disown them for the pain their sons have put them through. Verma According to film expert Rajesh Subramanian, B. Chopra had planned to make this movie in the mid-eighties, with Dilip Kumar and Raakhee in the lead roles. Mohnish Behl was offered Aman Verma's role. Juhi Chawla was selected for the role of Salman Khan's wife but could not accept because of her pregnancy.

Shah Rukh Khan was offered the role played by Salman Khan.

Jeevan Jyotish aur ratna by Acharya Praveen Khanna, episode 2 (part-2)

Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini were paired opposite each other 20 years after Nastik in Amitabh Bachchan sang three songs himself. Baghban was the last unofficial partnership between the legendary Salim-Javed screenwriter duo, Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. Amitabh Bachchan requested to Javed Akhtar to write his final speech.


Salman Khan, for his speech prior to that, requested to his father Salim Khan. However, neither Salim Khan nor Javed Akhtar were credited. Ravi Chopra , the director of the film, denied that this was a remake of the Rajesh Khanna-Shabana Azmi starrer Avtaar, he said that the plot of that.

Chopra under the B. Burman ; the plot revolves around a train named the Super Express , that catches fire on its inaugural run from New Delhi to Mumbai. This movie was inspired by the Japanese disaster movie The Bullet Train ; the film starts from childhood with the story of three friends Ashok and Randhir. Ashok is a son of wealthy industrialist Seth Dharmdas and he is passionate about the fastest moving cars, whereas Vinod and Randhir work as engineers in India Railway Board along with another friend Rakesh, all of them have only one dream from childhood. Randhir is a short-tempered and angry person, from childhood, who has a habit of destroying something if he is not able to achieve it.

Randhir is always jealous of the success of Vinod, he is in a tussle from childhood to make a better train than Vinod. Meanwhile and Vinod fall in love with two beautiful women: Seema and Sheetal. Randhir loves Sheetal, but she marries Vinod and they have a child, which hurts Randhir a lot. Ashok and Seema are planning to get married after their engagement, but Ashok's father faces heavy bankruptcy , loses his property and commits suicide. Ashok comes onto the road and Seema leaves him; the Indian Railway Board gives its approval for making the fastest moving train, called the Super Express.

Vinod and Rakesh's models have been sent for final selection. Like this, six years pass by. Vinod has focused on building the train, ignoring his wife and son, he achieves the success and the Super Express gets ready to travel from Delhi to Bombay in 14 hours only. By it was too late, Sheetal puts her son and sends him to her mother's house, leaves Vinod; the train starts from New Delhi.

Raja Ram Mohan is traveling with his wife Padmini. Chandar is a smuggler fleeing with stolen diamonds with his girlfriend Raziya. Inspector Ranveer is an undercover police officer dressed as a Christian priest and following Chandar. Major P. Bhandari, a school teacher is taking a group of students, a Pandit, a Muslim priest, ticketless passengers and many more. Along with Rakesh's pregnant wife, with her cousin, a doctor, Ashok quietly boards the train so that he can be a part of his friend's success and he is shocked to see Seema and mistakes her cousin as her husband.

Meanwhile, Ravi is a small-time thief who finds a girl Madhu , fleeing her home to escape a forced marriage with a lot of jewelry. Ravi is behind Madhu to try to befriend her to steal her jewelry and they board into the Super Express and they fall in love. Randhir escorts the train, but his intention is to destroy it, so he removes the vacuum brakes, plants a bomb in the engine and leaves the train at Mathura Railway station.

Nav Jyotish Siksha Sansthan, Rohini Sector 24, Rohini | Astrologers | Weddingplz

Meanwhile, Ashok leaves the train because of Seema's presence, he meets Randhir in the railway station and both of them sit in a bar. In the conversation, Randhir reveals to Ashok that he has fulfilled his revenge by putting a bomb on the train. Knowing this, Ashok rushes towards the train before the explosion. He manages to catch the train, but is too late, the bomb explodes killing the drivers and the train moves on going, without any stop. Vinod and the railway board are shocked to know this, they are trying to save the passengers.

Vinod makes a plan to talk with the passengers on the train through All India Radio , tells them to apply the emergency brakes by getting into the engine; the radio broadcast panics all passengers and the train cooks come running to find out what has happened. In their haste, they leave the cooking gas on. Ashok and the guard Osman Ali tries to reach the engine. At that time Rakesh's wife is under labor, the doctor attends her, asking for some hot water.

A cook lights a match to heat up some water in the kitchen; the opened gas explodes, killing Osman Ali, the cook and several passengers, half of the train was burnt. Ashok and Ravi make it back and with the help of some passengers and erect some gaps between the burning compartments and the passengers.

Vinod makes another effort by trying to get someone to land on the engine. Randhir sabotages this mission by volunteering to go on the helicopter, he drops onto the engine but does nothing, leading his superiors to believe that he is dead, as the helicopter explodes. Meanwhile, Ashok finds out why Seema left him, because she had lost a leg in an accident and they patch up again. Ravi reveals his reality to Madhu and then she accepts his love. Sheetal comes back to Vinod's life and apologizes for her behavior, she gives him courage for his last attempt to save the train. Rakesh, in Mumbai , tries to build a steep incline which will reduce the speed of the train.


Vinod makes one last effort by getting an engine to drive the super fast train, with the help Ashok and Ravi he enters into the train from one car to another, along with fireproof suits and some dynamite. Vinod and Rav. Raj Babbar as Prof. Varma Raksha Chauhan as Madhu , Prof. Prabhat's sister who gets raped and killed.

Chopra for B. It was a hit in the Indian box office, in a year of big hits: Deewaar , Sholay and Julie. Maharaj Singh is a proud owner of several derby-winning stallions, lives in a palatial farmhouse with his wife and young son, Chimpoo. One day dacoits attack his farmhouse with a view of stealing the stallions, but Maharaj fights them, killing the son of the leader of the dacoits, Maan Singh. Maan Singh swears to avenge the death of his son, abducts Chimpoo. Years a servant of Maharaj, Ram Singh, brings a young man named Badal into the Singhs lives, tells them that he is their missing son Chimpoo.

Both Maharaj and their daughter, are delighted at having Chimpoo back in their lives. Badal and Sunita fall in love with each other. It is Badal confesses to Maharaj that he is not Chimpoo, but a former convicted jailbird, asked to impersonate him by an embittered Ram Singh. Maharaj does not want to relay this information to an ailing Rukmini , decides to keep it quiet for the rest of their lives, but sooner or Rukmini is bound to find out - when Badal and Sunita show their love - will this shock of an intimate brother and a sister spare her or has fate something else in store for her?

Amitabh Bachchan Badal Saira Banu Sunita Singh Shammi Kapoor Thakur Maharaj Singh Madan Puri Daaku Maan Singh Vinod Khanna Special Appearance Indrani Mukherjee Zameer on IMDb. Kanoon Kanoon is a Indian Hindi film directed by B. The film presents a case against capital punishment, arguing that witnesses may be genuinely deceived, their consequent inadvertently tendered false testimony may lead someone wrongly to the gallows ; the film was a courtroom drama of a murder case, where the judge's prospective son-in-law is the defence lawyer in a case of murder, for which he suspects his would-be father-in-law.

The film was India's second songless talkie ; the first one was a Tamil movie. Kalidas is presented before court for the murder of Ganpat, he pleads guilty, but claims that the court can do him no harm, as he has served a sentence for the murder of the same man. An overcharged Kalidas asks judge Badri Prasad what gives law the right to deprive an innocent man of something it cannot return him, before collapsing and dying; the shocking incident becomes a matter of hot debate in the city. Two judges, Mr.

Jha and Mr. Savalkar, discuss the case. Badri Prasad, well known for never having awarded a death sentence, has a friendly argument with Jha, which leads to a wager that it is possible for someone to get away scot-free with murder.

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Incidentally, the murdered man Ganpat is her husband, she married a rich man during her first husband's lifetime, inherited his property. This was an illegal marriage, Dhaniram was blackmailing her, as he was privy to this information. Badri Prasad's son Vijay is indebted to a local money lender, Dhaniram who, having obtained the former's signature on a blank piece of paper, threatens to have his entire property confiscated. Afraid to face his stern father with the truth, Vijay pleads with Kailash to intercede with the money lender.

The agrees to do so, despite initial reluctance. Kailash drops in at the money lender's place to have a word with him, their exchange is interrupted by the arrival of Badri Prasad's look-alike. Kailash does not want to be seen with Dhaniram, so he hides in a sideroom, instructing Dhaniram not to disclose to the judge that he had come there. Dhaniram receives the unexpected guest through an open door. Kailash watches in horror from the inner room. Unsure of what to do, Kailash walks away.

A petty thief, who comes in with the intention of burglary , is apprehended at the scene of the crime and presented in Badri Prasad's court, he is shown being caught by Hawaldar Ram Singh. Kaalia's hands are drenched in blood. Torn between his loyalty to his mentor and future father-in-law, on the one hand, his moral duty to save an innocent man, on the other, Kailash resolves to defend the accused, while at the same time, avoiding bringing out in public the painful truth.

What ensues is an absorbing psychological thriller with an unexpected end. Much Kaalia, a petty thief, ascends to the first floor residence of Dhaniram, via a pipe and through the open window; the lights are off. His steps fall on spilt milk; the milk got spilt by a black cat. After the murder, when Kailash Khanna comes out from the adjoining room and is trying to contemplate what happened and why, a cat is shown running around. In fact, this alerts Kailash to run away from the scene himself. Public Prosecutor Kailash Khanna enters Dhaniram's house at This is proved by two points; when Meena asks Kailash to go to Dhaniram's house to collect the incriminating paper from him, Kailash informs her that he had to attend the Bar Association's dinner that day.

So he would not be free before When he is shown walking towards Dhanirams' house, a clock in the background can be heard chiming. One can count 11 chimes from the moment Kailash is walking towards Dhaniram's house, till Dhaniram opens the door. So the action starts at The police surgeon's report says that Dhaniram died between Kaalia is caught descending the pipe hurriedly at The prosecuting attorney asserts in the beginning of their case.

However, the main door of the house was open Badri Prasad's lookalike had come and gone through that, Dhaniram's corpse could not have po.

Dhund film Dhund is a Hindi movie produced and directed by B. The music is by Ravi; the plot is inspired by The Unexpected Guest. On a foggy night, driving his car at high speed, meets with an accident, he walks to a nearby house to ask for assistance. When nobody answers the door, he finds the dead body of a wheelchair-bound man. Standing nearby is a beautiful, young woman, with a gun, she tells him that the dead man is her husband and she has murdered him. She asks Chandrashekhar to call the police. Intrigued, Chandrashekhar asks Rani to tell her, she tells him that her husband, Thakur Ranjit Singh , was a cruel man who used to mistreat his family and used to shoot cats and dogs with his gun for amusement.

On this night, before Chandrashekhar arrived, they had an argument and when her husband threatened to shoot her, she tried to take the gun away from him. In the ensuing struggle, Ranjit got shot. Since the murder is an accidental death and was done in self-defense, Chandrashekhar decides to help Rani.

The man had dropped a gun; because it was a foggy night, he says.