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They are great thinkers, but one thing is for sure: They love to people-please. Most Libras will make sure everything is all right with everyone around them before enjoying themselves.

April 15 Zodiac Cusp

They always like to be balanced and informed. Their sign is the scale after all. Libra's have a natural charm and are just simply nice people whom most enjoy being around.

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However, a Libra will only do so much. If you can't take care of yourself the Libra is beyond irritated. The Scorpio is an easily understood sign. Most find this sign to be sexy and determined; some tend to fear the Scorpio at first, but they don't bite. Scorpios turn heads when they walk into a room, but actually they are a bit silent.

Once one gets to know a Scorpio, then their true side comes out. Scorpios can be demanding of themselves and others, so relationships can be tricky. But they are very loyal to the ones they love. Scorpios are good listeners and tend to give good advice, but they don't take shit from anyone. Sagittarius is a very confident sign. They never seem to mind taking a risk or two Sometimes their cocky attitude attracts people. The sign is very enthusiastic and always the life of the party.

Sagittarians love food and the outdoors. This sign does not do well with boredom; otherwise they may just burst.

One downside is that the sign is sometimes caught up within their time; once they're onto something they won't stop. They aren't the best of communicators, but they sure like to have fun. Capricorns are one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac.

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They may be a bit shy at first, but they are the types of people that like to stick to a close group of friends. Capricorns are not afraid of hard work and at times everything is a business deal. Capricorns never turn their backs onto friends or family. They are attracted to the finer things in life. Most say the phrase of the Capricorn is "Money over hoes. Aquarius is very unique, but they never want to take pride in being so.

They always have an enormous amount of energy that rubs off on others the right way. They enjoy experimenting and taking a glance at new options. This sign is an awesome listener, but if you tell them they're wrong they just won't have it. Their way or the highway. Pisces are summed up as being very emotionally developed characters. Friends always look to this sign for comfort. However, since Pisces has such a sensitive nature, decision-making is not a fun process.

They don't always like to think their problems through. The Pisces is very intuitive. Some like to say that a Pisces is a sign that can drink, and drink a lot. Yes, I did my research.


What August's Taurus Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

And I'll admit I'm a bit of an astrology nerd. But it's hard to tell which sign is more talented. However seeing some of the simulations for each sign and artist seemed a bit dead on at times. Although I don't know everything about their personal lives, clearly. For me, I'd have to say both the Pisces and Aquarius have it in the bag. Then again every sign has its own little surprise.

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Semi-Permanent Taurus Tattoos Tattoos by inkbox™ - Inkbox™

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Rihanna and Chris Brown (Relationship Astrology)

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Geminis barely fare better than Sagittarius.

Taylor Moon July 27, am. Facebook Twitter. Resale Concert Tickets Powered By. As Pluto moved through Taurus, the Industrial Revolution began to change the face of the planet. The wealth of resources concealed far below the surface of the earth began to be appreciated when Colonel Edwin Drake drilled the first oil well in the United States in Applications of the discoveries of the physical sciences resulted in the construction of machines able to provide a richer, fuller existence for all. Throughout the world, standards of living improved.

The major issues of the day were agrarian reform, the acquisition of colonies, and the commercial exploitation of nature's bounty. Since disruptive Pluto is in detriment in steady Taurus, the forces of materialism gained ascendancy at this time. Capitalism was steeply on the rise and the economy of the world became vastly more complex and subject to the rule of a coterie of plutocrats. Pluto in Taurus produced powerful industrialists, builders, and financiers. A quest for lasting values and permanency was reflected in the greater solidarity of buildings and in the increasing use of metals to strengthen and stabilize large structures.