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Former Kaiser surgeon was highlyrecommended by colleagues in U.S.
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Patel left Australia in March, His whereabouts are unknown.

He has not commented on the allegations and has no legal representation at the inquiry. Rates of women who are opting for preventive mastectomies, such as Angeline Jolie, have increased by an estimated 50 percent in recent years, experts say.

But many doctors are puzzled because the operation doesn't carry a percent guarantee, it's major surgery -- and women have other options, from a once-a-day pill to careful monitoring. We just thought 'What on earth can we do to stop this man,' she said. Recommendations from Kaiser doctors The Medical Board of Queensland alleges Patel falsified his application to practice in Australia by removing his disciplinary history, but acknowledges that it failed to check his application against U.

Howlong do you have to go to get a top-shelf rum sausage?

But documents submitted to the inquiry by Queensland health officials and obtained by AP show that Patel came highly recommended by six former colleagues in letters dated more than seven months after his license was restricted by the Oregon Board. Four of the letters were written on Kaiser Permanente letterhead, one was a copy of an internal Kaiser memorandum and another was on private letterhead from Portland.

When contacted by AP for comment on the letter, which was written on Kaiser letterhead, Singh said all questions had to be referred back to the organization. Contradictory statements Kaiser spokesman Jim Gersbach said the references were personal letters written on behalf of Patel by his colleagues. Another Kaiser surgeon who recommended Patel did not return a phone message seeking comment.

Still soulmates after 63 years | Lismore News | Local News in Lismore | Northern Star

The three others could not be reached for their views. Patel has been linked by the Queensland state health department to the deaths of at least 87 of the 1, patients he treated during his two years at the rural Bundaberg Base Hospital. Several dozen other alleged malpractice cases are also under investigation.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, who set up the inquiry, has written an open letter to Patel asking him to return to Australia to answer the allegations against him. Another case Hoffman gave evidence on involved a woman who had suffered a serious head injury.

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She said Patel ordered her life support ventilator turned off five days before Christmas, , because he wanted to use her bed for surgery. She said no formal tests were performed to determine whether the patient was already brain dead, although another nurse said the woman was "most probably brain dead. Vice asking why straight men don't seem to like astrology, and the second was a profile of astrologer Chani Nicholas, from Rolling Stone.

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Chani was heralded as the woman bringing social justice to astrology, and as I'm sure you can imagine, the reactions were mixed - to put it lightly. While some were quick to sing the praises of Chani, and astrology in general, just as many rolled their virtual eyes and guffawed and dismissed all astrological beliefs as hocus-pocus, a hoax, complete and utter hooey.

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I'm a Gemini, which means I can entertain both sides of an argument without feeling too beholden to either camp, so I can understand why so many people are quick to dismiss astrology. One need only open the newspaper to see that the world today is unfeeling, fast-moving, and vast in its cruelty. If astrology were real, then wouldn't any disaster victim simply read their horoscope for the day and choose to stay home, averting all danger?

Couldn't we all cast our eye to the constellations and figure out the winning lottery numbers for the week? To many, believing in astrology is no different to following any religious or spiritual movement, and to those same people, any time spent believing that some magical force from the sky has any bearing on our every day lives is time wasted.

So what if I believe in horoscopes?

Astrology is the domain of dreamers, while those who follow the earthly pursuits of logic, ration, and reason are intellectuals. And I'll freely admit that astrology doesn't feel intellectual: to me, it goes beyond that. Astrology is less about thinking and more about feeling, it places belief before knowledge and hope over hard facts. Astrology encourages us to believe that some greater cosmic force is at work in our lives, that our destiny is - even in an abstract way - written for us in the stars and planets as soon as we're born.

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It's easy to look out at the world today and think of that as a depressing concept: after all, if terrorism and climate change is what the universe had planned for us from birth, we can't have been thought of too highly. But maybe that's exactly why we need astrology. When the world seems to be changing faster than we can keep up with, and every new day brings a headline darker and more depressing than the last, it's reassuring to flick to the back of the newspaper and find a half-page dedicated to hope.

Not even the most astrologically-inclined of us can change what happens on the other side of the globe, across the ocean, or even in the suburb over: but we can be reminded to act with kindness, consideration, and care to those around us. We can pay compliments to indulge a Leo friend's love of praise or take care of a Cancer's tender feelings; and in doing so, make a tiny micro-change in our corner of the world. These days, it can be very easy to dismiss anything that doesn't have a guaranteed success rate, and even the most devout of us astro-fans can admit that astrology promises no such thing.

Paragraphs reminding us to exercise tenderness during the new moon deliver no road map for success, but they do act as encouragements for us to move forward with open hearts and gentle words: something desperately needed at the moment. Maybe that's why I love astrology so much: not because it asks us to have faith in it, but because it asks us to have faith in ourselves. Health Close friends of a vibrant young Sunshine Coast woman who took her own life are pleading with anyone struggling with mental health to seek help.

Breaking Photographs from the scene of a fatal crash on the Sunshine Coast reveal the horrific impact that instantly killed the male driver. News Two people were rescued from a cliff face after falling 30m at a popular Sunshine Coast hinterland waterfall on Monday.